lights quality between Chinese and Foreigns

2016-12-21 11:56:26

The lamps on the market , basically divided into two groups ,domestic lights with lowest price , but imported lights have become synonymous with highest quality . the differences mainly in the following three aspects:

First, the accuracy of light beam pattern Headlight reflector bowls made by computer, most are imitating beam pattern.For the headlight lamps, the beam not only depend on the final design of the reflectors, also important to transparent glass lens  ( the front glass or PC cover) .reflectiveness Influence the direction of light rays ; the distance between the lens and reflector  also directly affects the lighting beam accuracy. The latter is easy to be copied, the refractive index depends on the lens material itself, without precision instrument, it is difficult to be copied.

Second, reflective bowl high temperature capability and antioxidant capacity The reflector coating quality influence the reflectivity index.What the cars we bought  with perfect beam reflectiveness,only part of the low quality will have lots bubbles, impurities, projections and other quality problems.

Third, the impact resistance of the lens, light transmittance and resistance to sudden changes in temperature capability The lens typically use two types of materials: glass and polycarbonate. PC with good impact resistance, unbreakable when hits by little rocks even without any influence. and also due for its high cost, then most of the customers prefer PC.